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Hot room for egg products

IAC designs, develops and installs climate chambers (hot rooms) for pasteurizing protein powder.

Liquid protein derived from eggs to convert protein powder is a process that requires precision. Before it is dried, the protein is not pasteurized. The protein is fermented before drying is started. This is done to remove the glucose present. This step is essential to prevent a Maillard reaction. This is a chemical reaction that occurs under the influence of heat between the decreasing sugar content and the amino acids. We achieve the desaturation process by using fermentation. This is done with the help of bacteria or yeast, after which the product is dried.

Once the protein powder has dried, it must be pasteurized. This happens in a climate room for about two weeks. The product is then checked and only released if the amount of bacteria is acceptable. Protein powders are nowadays very functional and easy to use.

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